Welcome to the Wellstone Movement Tech Wiki: A resource for organizers

In the era of hashtags, member databases, and email list-building, the possibilities are ever expanding for organizations, both large and small, to use technology to boost the capacity of their campaign work and community organizing.

Wellstone Action has been training grassroots organizers for 14 years, and we believe that movement tech is for anyone who wants to get started using it or keep building their skills - especially if they are invested in building power for our communities. To that end, the Wellstone Wiki is a guide, maintained and edited by our community, introducing and describing various tech tools and resources available to our movement.

The wiki is a living document covering every type of movement tech tool - from enterprise systems suitable for Presidential campaigns all the way down to free and cheap tools, accessible to any and all willing to give them a try. We encourage editors to link to outside resources as appropriate or necessary, especially to explain complex ideas or definitions. Pages are focused on the capabilities, price and features of a tool, not the quality of said resource or a conceptual introduction to a resource's organizing purpose. Reviews, feedback, etc,... are outside the scope of this project.

Use the search bar on the left to get started or click on any of the categories below. Are we missing something? Create a page yourself or email wiki@wellstone.org requesting new documentation.

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