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The Voter Activation Network (VAN) is proprietary voter file management software for Democratic or progressive identified organizations and campaigns owned by NGP VAN. An enterprise software built specifically for campaigns, it has supported the efforts of Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns, as well as Hillary Clinton's 2016 race.

Unique to VAN is their data enrichment mechanism - when campaigns identify wrong numbers, deceased voters, bad addresses, etc,... it updates the voter file of other Democratic campaigns as well.


  • Voter File

    • Available. Access to VAN includes the voter file by default, in a database called, "My Voters". Updated regularly by state Democratic parties, the database will frequently include local and municipal districts, as well as vote history. Updates come more frequently leading up to elections, including absentee and early vote ballots. In addition, specific types of updates made in "My Voters" update the data available to other campaigns using the same data set (ie: Campaign 1 finds a wrong phone number for Voter A. Candidate 2 will see Voter A's data update to show their number is wrong.)
  • Supporter Database

    • Available. Possible to manage supporter relationships in "My Voters", but best done in a system called, "My Campaign". "My Campaign" allows you to store additional notes, questions and data points on volunteers or supporters who may not be registered to vote, but are crucial to your organization. Unlik
  • Turf Cutting/Walk Packets

    • Available. Mobile canvassing app available as well. See below.
  • Virtual Phone Banks

    • Available with real time reports on the response rate of your calls, who is making them, and the results of said conversations.
  • Mobile Canvassing

    • Available as "Mini VAN" with real time reports on the response rate of your knocks, who is making them and the results of said conversations.
  • Analytics

    • Available. Customizable reports and "cross tab" analysis are available on real time contacts, as well as on modeling and demographic data.
  • Predictive Dialer

    • Available. Built into the system as an add-on, however an export of targets to load into other predictive or click-to-dial systems is also supported.
  • Modeling

    • Available, both as open slots to load in customized models, as well as generic national models already run by the DNC.
  • Custom Permissions

    • Available and unlimited number of permission types are available.

Cost: $$$$

Cost varies based on the campaign and district, however costs are historically on the upper end of the spectrum.

Who can use it?

Democrats and certain progressive aligned organizations, including labor unions and non-profits. Access is granted through the state parties, so some local or non-Democrat identified progressives may be excluded.


  • NationBuilder - website, voter file, email blasting, fundraising
  • CiviCRM - supporter database
  • Organizer - Mobile Canvassing
  • LiveVox - click to dial phone banking system
  • HubDialer - predictive dialer