NationBuilder is a non-partisan online software platform for organizing. It is an "all in one" platform, integrating donations, website(s), email blasting and database management into a single platform.

Each "nation" has its own database, unconnected to others unless specifically requested, and is completely owned by each organization.


  • Website

    • Available. In addition to regular website functunality, "action pages" are available as well, including the following.
      • Donation Pages

        • Available. Can connect to several payment processors, including Act Blue.
      • Event Pages

        • Available. Including RSVPs through text messaging and selling tiered levels of tickets.
      • Petition Pages

        • Available. Includes petition signatures through text messaging.
  • Voter File

    • Available for free as a CSV export. However, once loaded into your nation, the number of voters increases the price of your nation as a whole. In addition, the voter data is not up to date consistently across states, lacks local election district and voting history.
    • The voter data which is available is sourced from local governments and identical information is shared with all campaigns, regardless of party. In addition, data specific to a "nation", campaign or candidate, does not impact or improve the data available to another campaign, candidate or party (ie: Candidate 1 and Candidate 2 may request and recieve the same voter data, but Candidate 1s IDs and wrong numbers will not impact, enrich or change the data Candidate 2 has or receives).
  • Supporter Database

    • Available. All actions taken by a supporter on social media, in response to an email blast, on the website or in the field, all flow back into one "person profile", which can store notes on previous interactions and be filled with "tags" to track attributes important to your organization (ie. you can tag a supporter "union member" and then create a list of everyone with the "union member" tag afterwards).
  • Turf Cutting/Creating Walk Packets

    • Available.
  • Virtual phone banking

    • Non-existent. There is a "work around" where you call off of a list, however once a person has been reached, they disappear off the list entirely, making analytics based on contacts difficult and multiple rounds of calling impossible.
  • Email blasting

    • Available
  • Analytics

    • Available, but traditional campaign and digital analytics (outside of Google Analytics) are difficult or unsupported. Most complex analytics should be handled by offline.
  • Fundraising + Donations

    • Multiple payment processors, including Stripe and ActBlue, are supported. NationBuilder does not charge additional transaction fees. However, it does not include compliance.
  • Texting

    • Text Blasting available in the US.
  • API

    • Open REST API. Integrates with dozens of organizations, including Hustle, ActBlue, MailChimp, Accurate Append, etc,...

Cost: $$

NationBuilder starts at $29/month, but there are "tiers" to their support and the price increases based on the number of people in your database or "nation". For a mid-sized congressional race with ~500,000 voters, the charge can be ~ $2000/month.

Who can use it?

Anyone. Businesses, non-profits, universities and political campaigns of all affiliations can all use NationBuilder.


  • VAN - voter file, supporter database
  • NGP - fundraising, compliance, email blasting
  • Wordpress - website
  • ActionNetwork - email blasting, digital analytics, supporter database, events, fundraising and petitions
  • Action Kit - email blasting, digital analytics, supporter database, events, fundraising and petitions
  • SalsaLabs - membership management, supporter database, email blasting, digital analytics, events, fundraising and petitions
  • Hustle - peer to peer text messaging