Editor's Guide

Thank you for your help! The Wellstone Wiki depends on people like you to keep us up to date and relevant. Below are some instructions on how to get started, as well as links to articles which need more attention.

Creating a page

In order to create a page, you will first need to join the wiki. To join, click the 'join now' link in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Pages and Files "+"
Once you've joined the wiki, you'll land on a page titled, "Request Membership". Click the blue button and you'll land on the home page. But now, with your membership, you will have a "+" button next to "Pages and Files" in the left navigation bar.

Page Name

The page name should be whatever product or resource you're describing (i.e. "Wellstone Action" or "Wordpress").


Tags are how users find articles and a minimum of two tags are needed for each article. The first tag is a "$" sign, signifying cost. The "$" signs range on a scale of "$" for free or cheap resources to "$$$$" for the most expensive options. The second tag is descriptive, a broad category describing what type of resource it is (i.e. "Training Organization" or "Website"). There is no upper limit on the number of tags and new tags can be created as necessary, however try to use drop down tags before creating new ones.

Article Categories

Every article needs various components to be complete, including the following:
    • Functionality

      • Describe components of functionality, particularly those key to decision making. For example, for fundraising tools, compliance may be a key factor, while for supporter databases APIs may be.
    • Cost

      • Described on a $-$$$$ scale relative to other players in the space (comparing voter files with voter files, websites with websites). The scale goes as follows:
        • "$" includes free and very affordable tools
        • "$$" includes cheap to moderately priced resource
        • "$$$" includes more expensive resources
        • "$$$$" includes the most expensive players in a space
    • Availability

      • Who is eligible to use a resource? Anyone with a credit card? Non-profits and campaigns? Or only members of certain political parties?
    • Alternatives

      • Link to additional articles, describing similar or related functionality to the resource in question.

Editing a page

To edit a page, click 'edit' in the upper left hand corner to access the WYSISWG editor. You can click save or preview your changes before they go live.
  • What to look for

    • Grammar + Punctuation

      • Follow MLA style if that means something to you. If it doesn't, try to use punctuation and avoid slang. Where formality isn't required in articles, clear, concise writing is encouraged.
    • Undefined Jargon

      • Undefined jargon should be defined, either explicitly or by linking to another outside resource.
    • Criticism / Opinion

      • Criticism or opinion are outside the scope or intent of this wiki. Wherever it shows
    • Citation / Links

      • Citations are helpful regarding advances in updates on the organization or product in question, etc,... But are not required for describing functionality.
      • If an article, description or concept requires more context or explanation, try to find an existing, outside resource to link to first. If such a resource is unavailable elsewhere, feel free to create a page.
    • Spot an article that needs work?

      • Tag it "Needs Attention" and someone will take a look at it.

Which articles need attention?

Any article with the "Needs Attention" tag will populate below. However, feel free to create articles as well, where they are needed, including expanding or creating categories.