ActBlue is a partisan, non-profit fundraising platform and payment processor available to progressive candidates and causes. Unique to ActBlue is its "Express" functionality, which stores donation information to enable "single-click" payment processing from embedded donation buttons in email and on webpages.


  • Mobile Compatible

    • Available. All pages and functionality is mobile responsive.
  • Donation Pages

    • Available. Freestanding donation pages are available separate from an additional website.
  • Ticketed Events

    • Available. Freestanding event pages with customizable ticket levels, event details, and host tracking are all available separate from website.
  • Branding

    • Available. Possible to white label and create various custom themes and layouts.
  • Recurring Donations

    • Available, at customizable intervals
  • Payment Processor

    • Available. ActBlue can function as a stand alone donation platform or as a payment processor integrated into another donation page (see: NationBuilder).
  • "Tandem" Fundraising

    • Available. Allows a donor to split their total donation among several candidates or causes.
  • "Express"

    • Available. ActBlue stores the donation information from previous donors on the platform, allowing for "single-click" giving.
  • Compliance + Reporting

    • Available. Fully integrates into NGP as well.
  • A/B Testing + Analytics

    • Available. Fully integrated into the platform.

Cost - $$$

ActBlue has no setup fee and charges a flat 3.95% per transaction. This fee can sometimes be negotiated for enterprise customers.

Who can use it?

Democratic candidates, PACs and progressive causes.


  • Anedot - Non-partisan, donation processing, mobile responsiveness, recurring donations